Phil Wells

Rich Dufall

Greg Pickett

Pete Pickett

Larry Stone

About Us

Professional & reliable, 5-piece Pop/Rock Function Band.

Wide range of music, including classic and modern pop, rock & roll, rock, reggae & ballads.

Quality music for any event, at an affordable price.

Decades of experience throughout the band, playing a variety of venues and functions.

Professional quality sound with controlled lighting rig.

Engaging front man who involves the audience in the show.

Contracts & invoicing available upon request.

Insured for public liability through the musician’s union.

All equipment is PAT tested.

An always up-to-date online gig schedule and quick email response during working hours.

Description of the music and type of show

Horizon is a professional, 5-Piece function band based in the South-East of England.

We perform at all types of occasions, playing a wide variety of popular music from the 1960's to present day and all at an affordable price!

Typically Horizon play 45 min or 1 hour sets to fill a full evenings’ entertainment.

Current Line-up (Mini Biography)

Phil Wells (Vocals 2015 to present)

Joining Horizon in 2015, Phil had been singing for over 20 years and has a passion for performing and entertaining. Whilst not blessed as a natural dancer, he loves to have a good boogie on stage while singing! With a wide ranging experience, from vocal harmony groups to choirs and rock and roll bands, Phil enjoys singing a vast array of genres including, rock, pop, rock & roll, musical theatre, swing and reggae. He very much enjoys being the front man and loves interacting with the audience.

Richard Duffall (Bass Guitar & Vocals)

Rich is an ex-professional performing in the band ‘Fire’ in the late 1960's/early 1970's.  ‘Fire’ consisted of Dave Lambert (who later joined the Strawbs) Bob Voice and Dick Duffall (now of Horizon).   ‘Fire’ had a now classic Magic Shoemaker LP recorded at Pye Studios London, in 1970, and since then Rich has performed in various covers/function bands.

Greg Pickett (Electric/Acoustic Guitar & Vocals)

After studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford in 1999, Greg has written and performed in a few amateur rock bands before joining Horizon in 2004.  Performing with his father and bringing a family element to the act.  In addition, Greg built and maintains the band website and online bookings.

Pete Pickett (Keyboards, Guitar/Mandolin & Vocals)

Pete has played in a variety of bands since the late 1960’s, over the years supporting acts such as Joe Brown, The Move, Edwin Starr & The Drifters.  His talents range from playing keyboard, guitar & mandolin, to his technical skills of configuring the sound and lighting systems.  As well as being the ‘repair man’ should things go wrong on the road; Pete is one of the key reasons why Horizon has built such a professional and reliable sound on stage over the past 10 years.

Larry Stone (Drums & Percussion)

Larry along with Mark Light is an original Horizon member.  Larry was trained by the army and even today you can still detect the steady rhythm and timing of a world class drummer.  Larry has performed at the highest level travelling all over the world and is the driving force behind Horizon.

Previous band members…

Mark Light (Vocals 2004 - 2015)

Mark has been a well-respected front man from his late teens and with his powerful vocals and sense of humour he is Horizon’s natural leader.  Mark has performed to huge crowds over the past decade with music ranging from rock and pop to performing West End classics at venues across the country.  Mark is the original Horizon founder.